Saturday, March 19, 2016

Accomodation in Seoul for Summer Exchange 2015 (Sungkyunkwan University, SKKU)

(Video tour of the room and neighborhood.)

We had a great time staying here for the past 1 month, love our "home" in Seoul!
Am glad that we choose to stay outside of school than staying in SKKU's dormitory.
SKKU's dormitory has curfew! Not sure how strict there are about it.
 Also, staying outside is the same price as staying in the dom plus you get to choose your roommate!
Will be cheaper if you have more people staying together.

Our host, Taeyoung was there to pick us up from sinseoldong station exit 4 when we arrived by airport limousine bus and showed us around the neighborhood.
The place is comfortable and perfect for 2 person, almost everything we needed were provided.
And the plus point is they are providing free portable wifi now! (They didn't have it during our stay.)

Booked through :
Sign up through this link for $27SGD credit: Airbnb credit

Nearest Subway station:
Sinseoldong station (exit 12), around 10 minutes walk

- 3 bus stops to Dongdaemum (we walked home a few times after midnight shopping!)
- 12/13 stops to Seoul station
- 7 bus stop away from our school (Sungkyunkwan University, SKKU)
- There's also quite a number of eateries, convenient stores and supermarkets around

Our Host(s):
Taeyoung's Family.

Taeyoung and his wife was always there

to answer our enquires and helps. They even helped us to order delivery when we stayed in to do our projects. On our last few days, he invited to join his family for an evening to enjoy some dessert and scenery. Which we enjoyed ourselves and love his cute daughter!

Taeyoung showing us around the neighborhood on our first day.

View from the rooftop.
Sinseol-dong exit 12.

Doing project with a night view.
Small river/park nearby.

Ice cream while walking "home".

치λ§₯ (Chi Maek)

One of our favorite! So yummy! It actually taste like Singapore's rendang beef. Just that it's pork. 😍

Home Deliveries:


Shopped at DDM till 1+am and walked "home".

OOTD around the Neighborhood:

Trying to imitate me ✌️😁
Other than my shoes and shorts, the rest (Less than 30 000 won ) of the outfit is from Korea!
Cap: 5000 won random stall in the subway station
Outer wear: 9000 won from Top ten (Favorite store!)
Top: 5000 won from Ewha university area (Favorite shopping area)
Bag: 10 000 won from Ewha university area (Favorite shopping area)

Most of my tops are bought in Korea. Didn't bring a lot of clothing for the trip. 

check out our Instagram hashtag for the rest ootd/trip photo.#sheantravel #lsjykorea

HAHAHAHA Feel so shameless.

Will be back to update about summer school in SKKU, AU(s), what course I cleared in SKKU and maybe Busan.

BYE! μ•ˆλ…•~

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Korea Summer Exchange 2015 - Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Videos are mostly taken by Steffi. So there's only first 3 weeks of our life in Seoul.
Really enjoyed ourselves and will recommend our peers to go! But it will be better if you know more locals. Went during the Mers period and 2/3 of the people from NTU actually redraw from the summer exchange. =(

Will try to come up with a more detail post, like what courses I cleared, where I stay and stuff.

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